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          The first production of Nrutyasudha is "Buddha Mahacharitam" based on the life history of lord Buddha.  The story consists of birth of Lord Buddha at Lumbini, a garden near Kapilabastu and how he changed his mind after watching the tragedy of life and at last he get knowledge and became buddha. This dance-drama was choreographed by Madhumita Misra and Suresh Kumar Khuntia. This Dance-Drama was performed at EZCC Hall, Kolkatta and organised by I & PR Dept of Orissa on the occassion of Inter State Cultural Exchange Program and widely appreciated by audiances. Then it was performed at Tosali Dance Festival, Bhubaneswar organised by Tourism Department, Orissa.



The second production of Nrutyasudha is "Padmavati" based on the life history of Padmavati, the Mahari and wife of great Oriya poet Sri Jayadev, writer of Geetagovinda. This dance-drama is choreographed by Madhumita Misra and Rahul Acharya. This dance drama was performed at Konark on the occassion of Sri Jayadev Jayanti and at Jagannathayana, Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar.


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